Frequently asked questions


Please submit your team information in the Competition Registration. Athe registration is properly completed and the submission portal is open, procedures of initial submission will be sent by email.
One registration is only valid for one submission. For multiple submissions, register multiple times to receive individual registration number for each submission.


Team of 2 persons - Current Students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, or related fields from the same University.


Initial Screening Submission:

  1. Single A1-size (594 x 841mm) in portrait OR landscape orientation is allowed to be designed, in .jpg format
  2. Written Statement in English and in Thai (if applicable) - each of maximum 300 words.

Competition Rules

  • The Competition Committee will not answer any questions about the theme.
  • All entries should not have been published or shown to public before including on social media.
  • Entries should not be submitted simultaneously to any other competitions - the entries would be considered disqualified.
  • Competition entries should not violate the copywrite of any other works.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable - the entries would be considered disqualified.
  • Change of application contents by the entrant after initial screening announcement will not be accepted.
  • Copyrights on the entries will remain to the property of the entrants, but the Competition Committee will reserve the right to publish the winning entries in magazines and other media.

Competition Guidelines

Proposal are expected to express creativity and innovation strategy from interpreting the Competition Theme and URDC's core missions, from the initial screening round, until the Final Proposal, if applicable. URDC values overall skills of the candidates in person, not only design aesthetics. Especially for final rounds, the team would be evaluated in critical thinking, logical design process to solution, understanding of implementation, verbal communication, as well as professionalism.